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CR7.1 - Permafrost Dynamics, Interactions, and Feedbacks: Past, Present, and Future

Conveners: In-Won Kim, Norman Steinert, David Wårlind, Victor Brovkin, and Jan Nitzbon

Session Abstract:

Permafrost shapes Arctic ecosystems and interacts with the global climate system in manifold ways. It affects the cycling of water, energy, and carbon in high latitudes and impacts climate patterns at local to global scales. Therefore, advancing a comprehensive understanding of permafrost dynamics and the interactions and feedbacks between permafrost and climate system components is essential for Earth system research. In particular, given the inherent limitations of permafrost observations, modelling studies play a crucial role in understanding permafrost-related dynamics and the complex set of feedbacks involved.

The session will broadly cover modelling of permafrost dynamics, interactions, and feedbacks with the hydrological cycle, seasonal snow cover, biogeochemical and biogeophysical processes, and landscape processes (e.g., thermokarst, wildfires) across spatial scales. We welcome abstracts focusing on permafrost mechanisms and the sensitivity of permafrost physics, ecosystems and biogeochemistry to global warming under scenario-based future projections, including climate mitigation scenarios. Contributions that consider permafrost dynamics and interactions over the historical period and deeper past, using observational and advanced modelling tools, are also strongly encouraged.

Abstract submission deadline: 10 January 2023

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