Board members contribute directly to the governance, oversight, direction, and implementation of AYN's projects, as well as amplifying AYN's impact within and beyond the network, by participation in international Arctic conferences, forums, and stakeholder gatherings whereas Advisory Board Members contribute wise counsel on issues raised by the Board of Directors and/or management.

The time commitment for the Board of Directors is approximately 8 hours per month, but may vary depending on the work undertaken. The AYN works as a team to determine responsibilities based on personal preferences and capacities to best suit its team members. Board meetings are held monthly and often fall on weekends to accommodate the time zone constraints of the international group. Serving on the Board of Directors will potentially allow for participation in various international Arctic conferences and forums on behalf of the Arctic Youth Network; consensus-made decisions will guide the selection of representatives at conferences and events. Board membership is a volunteer position and not remunerated. Board terms are two years with potential for re-election.

To apply, please fill out the form here

Applications close December 1, 2023, 23:59 GMT (Friday).

Role requirements:

- Knowledge of and/or experience in Arctic affairs, pan-Arctic and lived experience is an advantage
- Passion for youth empowerment, community building, and Arctic affairs
- Integrity to serve the interests and pursue the goals of the AYN and its members
- Professional and clear communication abilities in English. Fluency in other languages is an asset
- Skills in organisation governance, administration, finance, or other relevant topics are an asset
- Ability to facilitate dialogue and open discussion is an asset
- Being a self-starter with demonstrated initiative is an asset.About the Arctic Youth Network:

The AYN is an international youth-led network supporting youth leadership in the Arctic. The AYN was founded after the 2018 Arctic Youth Summit (AYS), organised by the Arctic Council-CAFF and WWF. During the AYS, attendees expressed the need for a network of youth living or engaged in the Arctic. By connecting young leaders from diverse backgrounds and helping build their leadership capacity, the AYN aims to amplify youth voices to address Arctic priorities. It provides youth with opportunities to connect with each other across borders and cultures, as well as with the organisations and institutions acting in the North. As well as demonstrating research interests to national and international audiences across the Arctic, and participating in project development and research contribution.

More information about the Arctic Youth Network can be found at

The Arctic Youth Network is committed to forming a passionate and diverse team that is reflective of its network and to creating a community that provides fair and equitable opportunity for involvement. We also encourage all applicants to join the Arctic Youth Network Members Facebook group at if not already a member.