The programme kicked off on Monday 13th with pre-events and the Conference reception hosted by the European Commission Representation in Finland. 

The changes in Arctic and Barents cooperation, due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, are high on the agenda especially on the first day of the Conference. The topics such as hybrid security and community engagement will be explored, while also  the changed security landscape in the European Arctic will be addressed. The Finnish presidency in the Barents Euro-Arctic Council (2021-2023) is a key partner for the Conference. 

The second conference day will consist of parallel thematic sessions. These sessions will provide a wide variety of discussions; from policy suggestions to presentations on recent research findings.

Organized by UArctic on 15th of November, a session on climate tipping points will provide a perspective on climate security.

Of the sixteen primary tipping points in the global climate system, eight are in the Arctic. If any of these thresholds are crossed, it will have irreversible effects, not just for the Arctic, but for human societies and ecosystems around the planet. There are signs that such catastrophic and potentially cascading events are already occurring. However, we can still address these challenges and prevent the worst potential outcomes if the global community jointly takes action. To encourage such action, this session will introduce the potential risks around Arctic tipping points, highlight the necessity of global cooperation, and foreground some potential measures that might help avoid the worst catastrophes.

Stay tuned for more updates!