The main topic of the session was the importance of networking and collaboration between UArctic and institutional representatives.

The representatives were reminded of the important tasks and initiatives including:

  • updating member profiles and contact information of their respective institutions
  • succession planning
  • sharing student experiences and submitting courses and programs to the Study Catalogue and research facilities to the Infrastructure Catalogue
  • submitting updates on announcements, events, etc. to be published on UArctic's website, social media channels, website, and monthly Member Bulletin for visibility and recognition
  • developing internal contact lists to facilitate collaboration and awareness of Arctic research within institutions
  • promoting UArctic within institutions, e.g. holding sessions about UArctic activities during internal staff meetings, international fairs, mobility days, creating a dedicated website page, and requesting promotional materials from UArctic

An interactive exercise was organized during the session where the participants were invited to share their ideas on what UArctic can do better to help assembly representatives as well as ways on how assembly representatives could better engage their institutions. The summary of the exercise can be viewed here.

Some of the ideas and suggestions included:

  • Assembly representatives to meet regularly throughout the year on specific topics, with breakout sessions and networking opportunities, using new collaboration tools to facilitate engagement
  • representatives to engage with their institutions using Teams, Slack or other communication channels
  • UArctic to create a welcome kit for new Assembly representatives, including transition materials and a guide for engaging their institution
  • regular social media updates to engage with UArctic, including sharing UArctic content and tagging UArctic in posts
  • identifying key researchers at a respective institution and creating a contact list to engage with UArctic
  • online Thematic Networks workshops and quarterly meetings for research collaboration and sharing
  • booking one-on-one calls to discuss questions and concerns though the dedicated link

The representatives were informed about the upcoming UArctic Assembly meetings in Norway (2-3 June 2024 in Bodo, as part of the Arctic Congress, 29 May to 3 June) and Finland (9-12 June 2025 in Inari).

The presentation slides from the session can be accessed here.