The Arctic Five is a partnership between the University of Tromsø - Arctic University of Norway, Luleå University of Technology, Umeå University (SE), The University of Lapland (FI) and The University of Oulu (FI).

Who can apply?

The Arctic Five will invite proposals from all academic disciplines in two Fellows categories:

  1. Junior Arctic Five Fellows: mature state PhD students at least two years into their PhD research, and registered to an Arctic Five Institution.
  2. Senior Arctic Five Fellows: Postdoctoral graduates in the early stages of their research career, employed or affiliated to an Arctic Five University.
What The Arctic Five offer

The Arctic Five are looking to nominate a minimum of 10 Arctic Five Fellows. A Fellow is a 12-month nomination starting on September 1, 2023, working on their own Fellow project (i.e., their already ongoing PhD or Post-doc project). If possible, we will link the Fellows Projects to the current Arctic Five Chairs network, in order to create possibilities for networking within the Arctic Five universities and beyond. Moreover, each Arctic Five Fellow will receive 3000-5000 Euros funding from their home institution, for travel and networking.

How to apply

Apply with the form available on The Arctic Five webpage

Deadline: 17 March 2023

More information

Read more on The Arctic Five webpage.

The Arctic Five is a partnership between Luleå University of Technology, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Umeå University, the University of Lapland, and the University of Oulu, and together we aim to lead the way on Arctic issues. Through this alliance we advance and share knowledge, develop education, undertake research and create innovations for the development of our region and a sustainable Arctic.