Open call until: 15th March 2023.

Are you interested in telling stories of your Indigenous community? How is climate change affecting your everyday life? Do you have an interesting point of view about people’s special skills in organizing, creating new ways, and managing in the changing Arctic?

Arctic Indigenous Film Fund is offering production grants and mentoring program to Arctic Indigenous filmmakers. Write them an idea for a short film that focuses on climate change, community and people. The length of the film can be 3-5 minutes.

Share your idea with the form here by March15th 2023 and start producing together!

More information: Liisa Holmberg, Tel: +4793036145, or through this link.

The Arctic Indigenous Film Fund – launched by the International Sámi Film Institute – is a fund mandated to support the development of Indigenous filmmakers from the circumpolar Arctic and to support the production of their films, TV series, and other screen-based works.