The exhibition is a collection of works that have been created in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Scotland and Komi, Russia, in the multidisciplinary and art-based Living in the Landscape (LiLa) summer school between 2018 and 2022. LiLa is an international collaboration coordinated by the University of Arctic’s Thematic Network on Arctic Sustainable Arts and Design (ASAD). The Faculty of Arts and Design of the University of Lapland leads the ASAD network and coordinates the LiLa summer school.

The goal of the annual LiLa summer school is to bring together students, researchers and artists from different fields of study in the circumpolar region to develop art-based research methods. These methods can be used to approach the socio-cultural landscapes of the rapidly changing northern and Arctic regions. The most central principles of the collaboration are cultural and social sustainability.

The main theme of the LiLa summer schools has been the concept of taskscape created by anthropologist Tim Ingold. It refers to the way we live and act in our daily landscapes. In the artistic processes of the summer school, taskscape has manifested itself in many different ways, for example as the participants' relationship with the materials provided by nature, as a connection to the shared northern cultural heritage, or as an interaction between northern people and other species living in the landscape.

The exhibition includes works from both students and artist-researchers from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Scotland who participated in the school.


Art work:

Antti Stöckell

Woven With the Landscape

Installaatio, puu, kalaverkko, 2023, photo. Antti Stöckell


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