The Goldman Environmental Prize, also known as the “Green Nobel”, is the most prestigious environmental prize in the world. Tero Mustonen, who founded the Snowchange Cooperative, was selected as a recipient of the prize in recognition of his efforts to combat climate change and biodiversity loss. The prize ceremony took place in San Francisco, US, on 24 April.

Honouring the achievements and leadership of grassroots environmental activists from around the world, the Goldman Environmental Prize was founded in 1989 by Richard and Rhoda Goldman.

Obtaining his PhD from the University of Eastern Finland in 2009, Mustonen’s work has been focused on bringing together scientists, village communities and indigenous knowledge holders in the region to preserve traditional culture and environments in the face of human exploitation and climate change. Mustonen is known as a Lead Author of the latest IPCC report, and he is also a professional fisherman.

Mustonen has developed an innovative model of climate change mitigation and adaptation for the Arctic and Boreal regions. What began with a small amount of public support is now overwhelmingly embraced by Finnish citizens – and the model can be applied the world over.

Tero Mustonen is the founder and president of the Snowchange Cooperative, est. 2000. In 2021, the Snowchange Cooperative was selected as the winner of the St Andrews Prize for the Environment by the University of St Andrews.


Read the official press release from the Goldman Environmental Prize and watch a video about Tero Mustonen’s work here.

This story was originally published by the University of Eastern Finland.