Timo Jokela is Professor of Art Education and former Dean (2008-2017) of the Faculty of Art and Design, University of Lapland. He is a leader of University of Arctic’s Thematic Network on Arctic sustainable Art and Design (ASAD) since 2012. 

Timo Jokela "has been a long-term developer of environmental and participatory art education programmes and has collaborated with companies and organisations in Lapland", says Ilari Hovila, Chairman of the Governing Body of the Lapland Regional Fund

Jokela has sought to ensure the sustainable development of art in the northern region, taking into account both the geographical and cultural particularities of the region. He has built up international cooperation in the Arctic region and has made a significant contribution to raising the profile of visual arts education in particular in the field of participatory art, both in Lapland and in the wider Arctic region.

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