The restoration endeavors to aid nature and grapples with the intricacies of collaboration between humans and the diverse elements of the natural world. This artistic approach fosters meaningful dialogues between artists and scientists, as well as contemplation on the transformations occurring in the Nordic Arctic region.

The artistic aspect of the project seeks to document, demonstrate, and reflect upon these changes in nature while addressing the complex emotions experienced by visitors and the community. By bridging the gap between art and science, the project strives to enhance our understanding of human collaboration with nature. Amidst the complexities and emotional responses to changes in nature, art serves as a medium to express values and research related to the natural world.

Artists have the opportunity to utilize scientific data and observations as materials for their creative practices, presenting diverse artworks, including environmental art, photography, and installations, in an enlightening art-science exhibition. This exhibition provides visitors with opportunities to contemplate restoration efforts and humanity's place in the more-than-human realm of nature.

Initiated and coordinated by artists Birgitta Linhart (SE) and Maria Huhmarniemi (FI), in collaboration with gallerist Anja Kath Lande, ecologist Rannveig Margrete Jacobsen, and National Park manager Johan Rova, the project also includes invited artists like art-sci collective Mette Gårdvik – Karin Stoll – Wenche Sørmo (NO), photographer and graphic designer Laila Ingvaldsen (NO), photographer Esa Pekka Isomursu (FI), comic book artist Johannes Pekonen (FI), and performance artist Tommi Yläjoki (FI).

Institutional partners supporting the project are the Adde Zetterquist art gallery, Nordland National Park Centre, Norwegian Institute of Nature Research (NINA), the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, the University of Lapland, Nord University, and the UArctic Thematic Network on Arctic Sustainable Arts and Design (ASAD).

The project's outcomes will be exhibited in 2025 at the Adde Zetterquist art gallery in Junkerdal, Havremagasinet in Sweden, and the University of Lapland.

The project has been co-funded by the Nordic Culture Fund, with a grant of 300,000 Danish krona.

Further information

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