The partners in the New Genre Arctic Art Education research, development and education project are University of Lapland, University of Greenland, Umeå University (Sweden) and Nord University (Norway). The Nordplus Horizontal funding is specifically aimed at practices that strengthen the cooperation between the universities and their external partners. Therefore, Nordplus funding also includes the Sami Contemporary Art Center in Karasjoki, Norway, the Cross-art Collective Piste in Rovaniemi, Finland, the Siunissag artist collective in Greenland, and the The Arctic Circle Outdoor Council in Bodø, Norway.

“It is important that organizations, that are familiar with the special conditions of the Arctic region and that carry out wide-ranging and inclusive art and art education, strengthen their cooperation and share their expertise across geographical borders as well across social and cultural sectors. Combining resources and developing activities offers new opportunities for community-based, inclusive and culturally sensitive art education", says UArctic Chair in Arctic Art, Design and Culture, Professor Timo Jokela, the responsible researcher of the project from the University of Lapland.

As part of the implementation of the project, the annual Nomadic Hub of Arctic Art Education event offers not only contemporary art, but also workshops and seminars for students, teachers, artists, researchers and locals as well.

Photo: Mirja Hiltunen
Photo: Mirja Hiltunen

“The goal is to develop art-based methods, new teaching methods, produce innovative learning materials and find ways to face the special conditions of the Arctic and Northern and especially face the people, and to utilize digital technology while respecting norther and Indigenous Knowledge", says Jokela.

The goal of the project is to develop a New Genre Arctic Art Education - university course for the UArctic  ASAD Thematic Network. The hybrid course integrates virtual teaching and field activities. New Genre Arctic Art Education was launched in May 2013 in Greenland, and the Nordplus project will start during the fall of 2023.

Photo: Mirja Hiltunen

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