Book consists of eleven peer-reviewed chapters providing valuable empirical accounts of theoretical approaches relevant to a multiplicity of disciplines.

– Social and natural scientists from Northern Finland have collaborated with enthusiasm on this new publication about everyday life in the Arctic, says one of the editors, Hannah Strauss-Mazzullo.

Strauss-Mazzullo and the other editor Monica Tennberg intentionally encouraged authors to include personal experience of what it means to work and move in the Arctic environment in their research methodology, making this publication suitable for consumption by an interdisciplinary audience.

– In the perspective of Critical Arctic Studies, this book is meant to provide food for thought to everyone inside and outside academia and encourage debate on future adaptation to a changing Arctic climate in local and global terms, Tennberg suggests.

The book consists of the following chapters:

Introduction: Everyday Practices of Adaptation in the Modern Arctic by Monica Tennberg and Hannah Strauss-Mazzullo, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland

Waiting for Snow: Discrepancy Between the Demand for Snow and Actual Snow Conditions by Seija Tuulentie, Natural Resources Institute Finland

Living with Baltic Sea Ice by Élise Lépy, University of Oulu

Reindeer, Cows and People: Sustainable Human–Animal Adaptations in Finnish Lapland by Nuccio Mazzullo and Päivi Soppela, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland

Managing Snow in an Arctic City: Urban Political Ecology Approach by Birgitta Vinkka and Jarno Valkonen, University of Lapland

The (Snow) Garden as a Unique Space for Human–Nature Relations by Hannah Strauss-Mazzullo, University of Lapland

When the Risk Realizes on a Wintry Road. The Failure of the Socio-technical System of Land-Based Transport in Northern Conditions by Leena Suopajärvi, University of Lapland

From Everyday Work to Sensations of Freedom: Snowmobile Users’ Relationships to Snow, Ice and Weather by Tapio Nykänen, University of Lapland

Winter Cycling Developments in Two Cities of Northern Finland by Minna T. Turunen, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland

Watch Your Step: Everyday Urban Mobility in the Arctic by Monica Tennberg, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland

Winter Wonderland: Girls’ Interactive Relationship with the Arctic Environment by Varpu Wiens, University of Oulu

Welcome Aboard! Motorboating Encounters in Arctic Inland Waters by Vesa Markuksela, University of Lapland

Concluding Remarks: Everyday Negotiations with Arctic Weather by Hannah Strauss-Mazzullo and Monica Tennberg, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland

Upcoming book launch

The book is published as part of the series Arctic Encounters by Palgrave Macmillan and will be presented in the lecture series “Häiritsevä yhteiskuntatutkimus” (disruptive social research) on Friday 15 December at the University of Lapland in lecture hall C193 (previously LS10) at 13-15hrs. This event is open to the public, and both Finnish and English will be used during presentation and discussion. Welcome to meet the authors!

Information on the publication:

Living and Working with Snow, Ice and Seasons in the Modern Arctic: Everyday Perspectives. Edited by Hannah Strauss-Mazzullo and Monica Tennberg. Palgrave Macmillan. Published online 1 September 2023

Further information:

Hannah Strauss-Mazzullo, Postdoctoral Researcher, Arctic Centre, Northern Political Economy,
Monica Tennberg, Research Professor, Arctic Centre, Northern Political Economy,