Input from the observing community can serve to highlight important observations and data products, management, or logistical needs or gaps, explore emerging opportunities, address a current challenge, present new initiatives, or technology that can contribute to Arctic observing (including global programs), or review on-going observing activities or issues that are relevant for the development, application, operation, or support of a sustained Arctic observing network.

Short statements and posters should link where appropriate to the working groups (WG) identified for AOS 2024:

  • WG 1: Regional to Global Observing
  • WG 2: Data Sharing
  • WG 3: System Implementation/SAON ROADS
  • WG 4: Observing System Benefits

These will be used to help guide discussions during the AOS Thematic Working Group sessions. Authors may be invited to give presentations during breakout sessions at AOS 2024, and a synthesis of issues included in the statements will inform recommendations and action items adopted at the Summit and conveyed to Arctic Council Working Groups, and to local, national, and international bodies overseeing, supporting, or carrying out sustained Arctic observations.

Input on other important and relevant topics related to AOS is welcome under the category of “OTHER: Other high-priority issues for Arctic observing.”

Deadline for poster abstracts and short statements: 30 January 2024

Early bird registration deadline: 31 January 2024. Onsite registration is possible.

For more information, go to:
AOS 2024 webpage

For questions, contact:
Maribeth Murray

Talia Wells

Alice Bradley