Event Description:

How do researchers explore past atmospheres to answer questions about our changing climate? Using ice cores! Collected from around the world, including Antarctica, Greenland, and North America, ice cores help us understand the makeup of past atmospheres by studying the air bubbles trapped in the ice.

Join this live event from the NSF-ICF, which stores, curates, and studies meteoric ice cores recovered from the glaciated regions of the world. NSF-ICF allows scientists to conduct examinations and measurements on ice cores, and it preserves the integrity of these ice cores in a long-term repository for future investigations.

Staff from the NSF-ICF will give a virtual tour of the facility; share how ice cores are stored, inventoried, and cut; and talk about the logistics of recovering and transporting the cores from the field. Staff will also cover some of the science using the ice cores and what the research can tell us about the past, present, and future of our climate.

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