"This summer I had the privilege to visit Professor Craig Lee at the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) at the University of Washington for a nine-week research exchange. The purpose of the visit was to collaborate on a joint research project on freshwater and carbon export from the central Arctic Ocean using data collected on a cruise the preceding year.
During my research visit, I was immersed into Professor Craig Lee’s research group within the Ocean Physics department at APL, which provided invaluable experiences. During my time with the group, I was able to participate in group meetings, a poster session, present my own work and brainstorm thoughts and ideas with APL scientists. In addition to strengthen ties with Professor Craig Lee, the visit enabled me to establish new, meaningful connections with various scientists and engineers within the Ocean Physics department, notably Leah Johnson, Luc Rainville, Ben Jokinen, and Kyla Drushka. This exposure not only broadened my understanding of the research field but also sparked concrete ideas for potential future research projects. The visit cultivated new perspectives and knowledge, enriching my academic profile and further fueling my curiosity for Arctic Oceanography.
Beyond the academic sphere, the visit significantly contributed to personal growth. It demanded adaptability and self-reliance, urging me to step out of my comfort zone to pursue networking opportunities.
Overall, the experience was greatly enriching, and not only expanded my professional network but also expanded my academic horizons by inspiring new research directions and instilling a new perspective on observational oceanography in the Arctic environment. I thank UArctic for supporting my research exchange."