Two of three Special Issue editors - Rob McMahon (University of Alberta, Canada) and Nadezda Nazarova (Nord University) are the members of the Thematic Network on Smart Societies in the High North where digitalization and social inclusion issue are some of the main research areas.

This thematic issue presents research from authors who seek to contest, challenge, and reimagine what digital inclusion is and what it might be. Authors present work from understudied vantage points and “hard to reach” terrains, such as communities that remain geographically, technically, socially, economically, and metaphorically “disconnected”—sometimes by choice. Through their attention to the role of intangible factors like relationality, social capital, emotion, sovereignty, and liminality, the articles collectively push against and expand the boundaries of digital inclusion research and practice.

The Journal is an open access one and the Special Issue can be downloaded via the following link: