"The quarter I spent in Seattle studying at the University of Washington, USA was one of the most educating and meaningful experiences, as well as the most joyful one, I have had.

To be able to study at such a prestigious, diverse, and reputable university was a privilege and an experience that helped me grow academically and simply as an individual.

As someone who grew up in a small town within a sparsely populated country, attending such a large and well-organised institution as the University of Washington was exhilarating and very enlightening. I immediately felt how the academia and the environment for studying is at a world-class level as well as the university community offering countless out-of-the-classroom programs such as clubs, sports activities, and gatherings where everyone will find something towards their liking.

I also want to mention how the University of Washington campus is in the heart of the city of Seattle, and how valuable it is to almost be part of two worlds when attending the university. The beautiful campus offers all a student needs whether it relates to academia or not, and feels like a town in itself.

University of Washington campus
Photo by: Haukur Brynjarsson

Then there is the city of Seattle which is a cultural melting pot and offers so much for young adults eager to explore new things. It is located in the Pacific Northwest West which I came to realize is one of the most naturally stunning places in North America.

Attending the University of Washington was one of the best decisions I have made, and the memories, education, and friendships I made there will always be close to my heart. I highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of going on an exchange semester to consider the University of Washington." © Haukur Brynjarsson