The story revolves around the potential of a seabed curtain in stopping key glaciers from melting; an idea which Moore has been pondering since 2016, and which the Thematic Network on Frozen Arctic Conservation is now researching.

In addition to Moore, the article features commentary from UArctic President Lars Kullerud and the Thematic Network vice-lead Ilona Mettiäinen. The piece also refers to the recent UArctic assessment from October 2023 that identifies and evaluates 61 potential interventions to slow down, halt, and reverse the effects of climate change in the Arctic and northern regions.

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The online version was published on Jan 6, 2024. A version of this article also appeared in print on Jan 7, 2024 on page 39 of the NYT Sunday Magazine with the headline "Glacial Progress". Story cover image: Olaf Otto Becker for The New York Times