The workshops are aimed at Arctic researchers and collaborators who want to learn about writing and using short policy briefs to share their research and insights with non-scientists. The accelerating pace of environmental change in the Arctic challenges decision makers at all levels of government and commerce. Scientific and Indigenous researchers can positively influence decisions by sharing their understanding in concise and clear language.

During the workshops, SEARCH and NNA-CO will walk through how to frame and prepare your Arctic research to be submitted as an “Arctic Answer” for publication in Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research (AAAR), a peer-reviewed journal. Arctic Answers are two-page briefs designed specifically to share science with policymakers. Participants have the opportunity to work on developing a brief with experienced guidance.

Two online sessions, one in January and one in February 2024, and a session at the NNA Annual Community Meeting will provide opportunities for learning and work. Participants can join all sessions for maximum benefit and progress on their brief or join fewer sessions to learn the basics.

For more information and to register, go to: Communicating science to policy: Writing policy briefs on why your science matters | Navigating the New Arctic Community Office (

For questions, contact:

Jenna Vater