The report ‘Arctic Research Trends: External Funding 2016–2022’ updates the earlier studies done in 2016 and 2017, focusing on examining the worldwide financial support for research related to the Arctic. The newly published report uses the data from the Dimensions database, which forms over 600 funding organizations and 7 million grants, with the total funding amounting to more than $2.4 trillion in US Dollars.

The updated report underlines the main highlights of Arctic research funding during 2016 and 2022. Earth and Environmental science stand out as top-funded subjects, following biological and health science. The United States, Canada, Russia, and Norway are among the leading countries in the number of projects started, with the US being the leader in the net contribution. Counties that are included in the Arctic Council Observer like the UK, Japan, Germany, and China, are actively financing Arctic studies. The European Union also stands out as the eighth-largest funder, often supporting a smaller number of projects with substantial budgets.

The report indicates that Arctic research funding has remained relatively stable compared to the increase of the scientific community, highlighting the UArctic as a crucial actor in the Arctic research field.

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