ICESat-2 Applied Users are defined as those groups and individuals who have a direct or clearly defined need for ICESat-2 data, who have an existing application, who have an interest in utilizing a proposed ICESat-2 product, and who can apply their own resources (funding, personnel, facilities, etc.) to demonstrate the utility of ICESat-2 data for their system or model. Current AUs include ICESat-2's 24 Early Adopters who committed to engage in pre-launch research to accelerate the integration of ICESat-2 products after launch in their specific application. Application is defined here as an innovative use of mission data products in decision-making activities for societal benefit.

The goal of the Applied User designation is to provide individuals and groups with the unique opportunity to partner with ICESat-2 mission scientists in their discovery of the data. Applied Users commit to engage in post-launch research with specific support from the Mission and Applications Team, not only to accelerate the integration of ICESat-2 products into their specific application, but to provide the Mission with valuable feedback on how ICESat-2 can be used for decision support.

If you would like to nominate yourself or others to be an Applied User, submit a short description of your application to Aimee Neeley at

Applications will be reviewed between 18 March–15 April.

Deadline for submitting nominations: 15 March 2024

For more information, go to: ICESat-2 Applications webpage