The Labrador Campus of Memorial University introduces the Bachelor of Arctic and Subarctic Interdisciplinary Studies (BASIS) program, housed within the School of Arctic and Subarctic Studies. Designed for those passionate about Northern living and learning, BASIS offers a unique blend of classroom-based, land-based, and experiential education opportunities. Led by Indigenous ways of knowing, doing, and being, this program aims to address Northern challenges while nurturing the next generation of Northern and Indigenous leaders.

Program Structure:

Duration: 3 to 3.5 years, depending on general or honour’s pathway

Format: 12 six-week modules, each worth 9 credit hours, with an additional 12 credit hours of self-directed learning.

Honours Program Available: Yes


Unique Modular Structure: Students engage in two 6-week interdisciplinary modules per semester with a one-week break in between, totaling 108 credit hours

Self-directed Learning: 12 credit hours of self-directed learning, where students can explore diverse learning opportunities and follow their passions and interests

Indigenous-Led Learning: Emphasizing Indigenous knowledges and sciences, the program fosters an understanding of Arctic and Subarctic lives, livelihoods, and cultures

Career Pathways: Graduates are equipped for diverse roles across the North, contributing to social, cultural, and economic growth.

Admission and Application:

Fall (September) semester deadlines:

Priority deadline: March 1

Preferred deadline: July 16

Application system closes: August 13

You may apply for admission into the BASIS program directly from high school by indicating Bachelor of Arctic and Subarctic Interdisciplinary Studies at the Labrador Campus in the appropriate place on the undergraduate application for admission.

For more information, reach out to Mckenzie Hutchings (Student Recruitment, Retention, and Relationships Officer, Labrador Campus) or Dr. Ashlee Cunsolo (Dean, School of Arctic and Subarctic Studies; Vice-Provost, Labrador Campus).

Embark on a transformative academic voyage with BASIS, where Northern knowledge meets interdisciplinary excellence! Apply today and be part of shaping the future of the North.