This webinar showcases some of the striking changes ongoing in the Arctic Ocean and their impact on the characteristics and ecosystems of the Arctic Ocean. It will be moderated by Øyvind Paasche, the chair of the SAS scientific steering committee, who will also give a brief introduction to the SAS initiative.

There will be three solicited talks with room for questions and discussions:

  • Alexandra Jahn (Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder): Projections of an ice-free Arctic Ocean
  • Suzanne Tank (Associate Professor at the University of Alberta): The Arctic Great Rivers Observatory: Long Term Trends in River Chemistry Diagnose Multi-Faceted Northern Change
  • Clare Gaffey (PhD candidate at Clark University): Characteristics of Light, Heat, and Chlorophyll Pigments in the Pacific Arctic During the 2022 U.S. Synoptic Arctic Survey Cruise

SAS is a researcher-driven initiative that aims to enhance ongoing ocean monitoring with ship-based measurements, to establish the present states of the Arctic Ocean ecosystem, carbon cycle and associated hydrography. SAS has coordinated a multi-ship survey using an international fleet of icebreakers and research vessels, where more than 25 cruises from 11 different nations collected a set of parameters across the Arctic Ocean in 2020-2022. This comprehensive dataset will allow for unprecedented assessments and provide a unique baseline to track future climate change and its impacts.

For more information and to register, go to: SAS webpage

For questions, contact:
Maria Teresa Bezem