Join the seminar on May 16th, 2024 at 11:00 GMT. Register here:

In this online seminar, Arctic PASSION is introducing its pan-Arctic requirements-driven Permafrost Service. The Permafrost Service is based on remote sensing analyses, and detection and mapping of permafrost disturbances at high spatial resolution across large regions. The data helps to quantify landscape change, hydrological dynamics and permafrost vulnerability. In order to make the scientific findings easily accessible, we designed a tailored web-based portal specifically targeting non-scientific user communities, stakeholders and rightsholders. With the Arctic Landscape EXplorer (ALEX), we provide interactive maps for recent information on land surface changes, hot spots of disturbances and potential areas of active permafrost thaw and erosion.

Tillmann Lübker, Geospatial Data Scientist at the Alfred Wegener Institute

Guido Grosse, Head of the Permafrost Research Section at the Alfred Wegener Institute