At the event, the PermaIntern and SEDNA projects were presented, together with brief presentations about the Canadian Permafrost Association mentorship program and current permafrost-related activities within UArctic. Both projects are funded by the UArctic networking grants.

The event was attended by 30 people, including students, university teachers, and industry representatives. The PermaIntern project was also presented at the Education and Outreach session of the ICOP conference.

This means that now there is funding and internships ready for interested students to learn more about permafrost ! Until the end of 2024 the PermaIntern project can provide stipends supporting students to do internships making use of the PermaIntern offers. So go and find out how to learn more about permafrost being an intern at

PermaIntern is supported by the Danish UArctic network funding and developed by Nordic permafrost colleagues.

These projects are part of the activities of the UArctic Thematic Network on Permafrost.