University of Saskatchewan


Our Mission

To excel in learning and discovery, and the integration, application and preservation of knowledge in order to shape the province of Saskatchewan, promote social, policy and cultural innovation and enable students and graduates to become active and responsible global citizens.

Our Vision

To be recognized among the most distinguished research-intensive universities in North America, and world-leading in targeted areas of education and research, knowing that we serve Saskatchewan best by helping to solve global challenges that have particular relevance to our region and by striving to lead the nation in Aboriginal post-secondary education initiatives that meet community needs.

Exchange Program Fact Sheet

Facts and figures

Year Established 1907
Total Number of Staff 4424
Number of Academic Staff 1036
Number of Students 22500
Focus Areas

Aboriginal Peoples: Engagement and Scholarship

Agriculture: Food and Bioproducts for a Sustainable Future

Energy and Mineral Resources: Technology and Public Policy for a Sustainable Environment

One Health: Solutions at the Animal-Human-Environment Interface

Synchrotron Sciences: Innovation in Health, Environment and Advanced Technologies

Water Security: Stewardship of the World's Freshwater Resources

Fields of Study Offered Teacher training and education science (broad programmes)
Arts (broad programmes)
Humanities (broad programmes)
Social and behavioural science (broad programmes)
Business and administration (broad programmes)
Law (broad programmes)
Life science (broad programmes)
Physical science (broad programmes)
Mathematics and statistics (broad programmes)
Computing (broad programmes)
Engineering and engineering trades (broad programmes)
Manufacturing and processing (broad programmes)
Agriculture, forestry and fishery (broad programmes)
Veterinary (broad programmes)
Health (broad programmes)
Social services (broad programmes)
Environmental protection (broad programmes)