Yukon University


YukonU, Canada’s first university North of 60°, offers education, training and research that will equip you to seize opportunities, think boldly and lead positive change in your community, and beyond.

We draw on northern expertise in Indigenous governance, sustainable resource development, the study of climate change and more. Our unique northern perspective will provide you with an experience like no other.

We ground everything we do in the values of integrity, quality, relationship and a just society—empowering you to flourish, persevere and grow to contribute positively to a rapidly changing world.

At YukonU, we honour and respect the cultures, languages, heritage, Traditional Knowledge and worldviews of Yukon First Nations by proudly walking alongside them on their paths to self-determination and cultural revitalization.

We acknowledge that Yukon First Nations are the traditional keepers of this land, and we are grateful for the collaboration and guidance that supports the delivery of inspirational and exceptional experiences at YukonU. We look forward to continuing and deepening these important partnerships for many years to come.

Take advantage of YukonU's many services and supports to help you succeed in your studies—and be healthy and well. From academic and personal wellness supports, community-building activities and welcoming spaces to connect, to recreation programming, fitness facilities, and nourishing meals and snacks, YukonU creates an environment for you to thrive.

Facts and figures

Web https://www.yukonu.ca/
Year Established 1963
Total Number of Staff 287
Number of Academic Staff 95
Number of Students 1274
Focus Areas

Focus areas:

  • Academic, trades and career education and training
  • Adult basic education and skill upgrading
  • Degrees, diplomas and certificates
  • Distance, in-person and blended delivery options
  • Open studies
  • Continuing studies
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship services
  • Land-based learning opportunities
  • Practicum and work-integrated learning options
  • Dual credit for high school students
  • Transfer credit
  • Student research and student employment
  • Study abroad opportunities

Fields of study:

  • Academic & Skill Development
  • Business & Leadership
  • Culinary Arts
  • Health, Education & Human Services
  • Indigenous Governance
  • Liberal Arts
  • Northern Mining Innovation
  • Science
  • Trades & Apprenticeships
  • Visual Arts
Fields of Study Offered Teacher training and education science (broad programmes)
Arts (broad programmes)
Humanities (broad programmes)
Social and behavioural science (broad programmes)
Business and administration (broad programmes)
Life science (broad programmes)
Physical science (broad programmes)
Mathematics and statistics (broad programmes)
Computing (broad programmes)
Health (broad programmes)
Social services (broad programmes)
Personal services (broad programmes)
Security services (broad programmes)

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