23 year-old Alexander Stubbing will be working as a projects assistant at the Secretariat. He will be assisting with various Secretariat activities including the creation of the UArctic annual report. He will also be assisting the Membership and Nominations Committee with on going membership activities.
Stubbing says he is really excited for his internship experience.
"I want to learn how UArctic works and to get another view of the circumpolar world," he says.
Stubbing was born and raised in Iqaluit in the northern Canadian territory of Nunavut. He recently got his degree in political science at Queen's University (Kingston Ontario Canada), and spent some time in Quebec learning French. He has also travelled to several countries including Great Britain, France, Greenland, and several countries in the Carribean.
He says he is excited to explore another part of the world.
"I always wanted to go to Scandinavia and I thought this would be a good chance," he says.
Stubbing says after his internship he is planning to do his master's in nothern resources. He is also considering teaching English in Greenland. For him, his main goal is to continue living and working in the North.
"This job would definitely be a start to getting a job in the Circumpolar North," he says.
Stubbing's six month internship will begin in October. His internship was arranged through the International Institute for Sustainable Development's Circumpolar Young Leaders Program, which is sponsored by the Aboriginal and Circumpolar Affairs Division of the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs.
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