Recently observed climate warming has affected cryospheric, biological,
climatologic, oceanographic, terrestrial, and hydrologic systems
throughout the Arctic. Because these systems are interdependent, the
impacts of high-latitude climate change are both wide-ranging and
difficult to compartmentalize. For example, changes in permafrost
dynamics and atmospheric moisture transport influence the timing and
magnitude of river runoff, which in turn influences the seasonality and
concentration of freshwater and nutrients in the Arctic Ocean. The
effects of climate change in the Arctic are present at all geographic
scales, ranging from pan-arctic atmospheric circulation to plot-scale
changes in vegetation and land surface conditions.

This session aims to highlight recent advances in the understanding of
how arctic terrestrial, oceanic, and atmospheric systems are changing in
response to enhanced anthropogenic forcing and other climatic
influences. Perhaps more importantly, the session aims to provide a
forum in which connections and feedbacks among multiple high-latitude
systems can be explored.

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