This was the fourth curriculum review meeting to update the Circumpolar Studies Core courses, led by Emmy Neuls, Program Officer, with the UArctic Office of Undergraduate Studies in Saskatoon, Canada. The team provided valuable feedback on over 20 revised modules in BCS 100, 311, 312, 331, and 332. In addition, the team approved changes to course outcomes and objectives and the new course descriptions. Course evaluation guidelines were proposed, and a course instructional design plan was introduced for BCS 100. The new course development template and the new CCRT working website were also highlighted. In addition, the course evaluation questions in Zef Solutions System were updated and new evaluation surveys were drafted.

Hayley Hesseln, Dean of the UArctic Office of Undergraduate Studies, welcomed the following Core Courses Revision Team members who dedicated their very valuable time and expertise to this workshop:
• Alec Aitken, Department of Geography, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
• Richard Boone, Biology and Wildlife Department, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, U.S.A.
• Björn Gunnarsson, School for Renewable Energy Science, Akureyri, Iceland
• Marina Kalinina, Norwegian-Pomor University Centre/Pomor State University, Arkhangelsk, Russia
• Sargylana Kondakova, Russian Regional Office of Undergraduate Studies and Sakha State University, Yakutsk, Russia
• Elena Kotyrlo, Umea University, Sweden (originally Syktyvkar State University, Russia)
• Bjørn Sagdahl, Bodø University College, Norway

A special welcome was extended to two new members of the team: Marina Kalinina and Sargylana Kondakova. Thanks also to Greg Poelzer, University of Saskatchewan, for attending the meeting as Academic Lead for BCS 332. The strong leadership and academic expertise of these individuals resulted in a very successful workshop.

Other important support participants were as follows:
• Karla Hardcastle, UArctic International Academic Office, La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Canada
• Pekka Silven, Director, Professional Development Services, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Oulu, Finland
• Jeanette McKee, Instructional Designer, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada

CCRT Copenhagen Nov 2009

Pekka Silven and Karla Hardcastle updated the Core course evaluation questions in the Zef Solutions System and also designed an alumni survey and a course pilot evaluation. The updated survey will be imbedded in the revised Core courses. The evaluation data gathered is vital to ongoing course delivery and curriculum updates.

The workshop was organized and sponsored by the UArctic Office of Undergraduate Studies.

Emmy S. Neuls, Program Officer
UArctic Office of Undergraduate Studies
Saskatoon, SK