In September 2008, the GoNorth Program Team developed a survey aimed at identifying the current recruitment practices of member institutions and determining areas where they seek improvement.

Astrid Revhaug, GoNorth Program Chair says the results of the survey will enable the team to better serve the member institutions. “By identifying the current recruitment practices of the GoNorth members, we can identify areas where we can assist members in stepping up their recruitment efforts,” said Revhaug. “This survey will allow us to access the needs of our members and provide individualized ways to increase the success of their recruitment initiatives.”

27 responses were received from the 80+ institutions that were eligible to respond for a total of 34%. Analysis of the survey results shows a fairly consistent response from across member institutions. 82 per cent of respondents reported that they recruit both nationally and internationally. 80 per cent of those who recruit internationally listed their Website as the main recruitment tool. Other strategies included print and web advertising as well as employing permanent representative abroad, and partnering with other universities on university visit and exchange programs.

Of those who said they did not currently recruit internationally, 62 per cent cited lack of resources to support international students as the reason why. Others said that they did not have the budget to support travel and other recruitment initiatives.

When asked how GoNorth could help institutions recruit students, 77 percent of respondents said they would like GoNorth to recommend and organize education/career fairs and other onsite recruitment activities in international markets, while 80 per cent of respondents said they would like GoNorth to provide print and virtual advertising. With this is mind, one of the first initiatives the GoNorth committee will undertake is the development of a GoNorth Website.

Results of the survey will be further analyzed by the GoNorth Program Team and will help guide the committee’s future programs and activities. For further information on GoNorth, contact Astrid Revhaug or visit the University of the Arctic’s Website at