The meeting resulted in a reaffirmation of the Northern Co-operation Accord, a joint commitment towards cooperation on issues of common interest.

In their communiqué, the Premiers identified a number of focal priorities for their governments with aid from the Federal Government, including: economic development and diversification; skills training and employment; the creation of a five year Territorial Health Fund; the need to address adaptation strategies to climate change.

The Premiers also emphasized the importance of research and innovation towards building healthy and sustainable northern communities in the communiqué’s ‘Higher Learning and Research: A Northern-Based Knowledge Sector’ section. The report also spoke of the need for this vision in helping to grow regional economies and improve the understanding of environmental science and stewardship. The Premiers agreed that a joint strategy to develop the knowledge and innovation sectors was necessary as a method of guiding adaption to climate change. The Premiers also agreed that northern governments, northern research institutions and northern residents ‘must play a role in setting the research agenda for the North, as well as the development and implementation of long-term programs supporting research and monitoring in the North’. The section concluded by the Premiers committing themselves to examining the options for developing a northern university, as well as emphasizing its social, economical and cultural importance.

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