The foci of the new programme are based on the fact that the challenges faced by and in the Arctic have increased significantly and have become more visible over the years. Greater knowledge has been accumulated about the impact of globalisation and climate change, as well as of the opportunities they bring for the Arctic region, the local communities, the people of the region, the environment and nature.

Platform for cooperation

In recognition of the fact that the Arctic stands on the threshold of major changes, which will, in the first instance, affect Arctic societies and the Arctic people in a number of important areas, the People first approach in connection with a focus on Sustainable Development in the Arctic has become the main focus of the Nordic Council of Ministers' Arctic Co-operation Programme for 2012-2014. The basic objective of the Arctic Co-operation Programme is to support processes, projects and initiatives that will help promote sustainable development and benefit the people of the Arctic under the conditions generated by globalisation and climate change.

To promote this a yearly budget of between 6 and 8 million DKK aiming at supporting initiatives in this respect to be administrated by Nordregio. By delegating the administration to Nordregio the intension has been to strengthen the possible synergy between the projects by keeping the administration and the professional overview within the same administrative unit. The programme is at the same time a supplement to the other Nordic strategies and programmes involving issues in relation to the Arctic, such as Strategies for Sustainable Development, Environmental Action Programme, and the cooperation programme with Russia.

Nordisk Ministerr├ąds Arktiska samarbetsprogram 2012-2014

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