The Winter Conference's focus in 2011 is the empowerment of northern regions to tackle the effects of climate change, especially after the failure of the Copenhagen Summit in december 2009.

Speakers include policy-makers, researchers and representatives or the corporate world, dealing with northern regions, in particular in terms of food and energy production. In workshops and roundtables, the conference participants have the ability to discuss pressing issues topics to empower locals to produce food and sustainable energy. The overall goal of the conference is to develop strategies for the younger generations to achieve sustainable development beyond the decisions taken by the nation states.  In this context, a special focus lies on the persepctive of the indigenous Sámi population in the northern parts of Europe, where Jokkmokk is located in the Swedish Sámi homeland.

HRH Crown Princess of Sweden Victoria  will participate in the discussions of the conference participants. Jokkmokk Winter Conference marks the beginning of the traditional Jokkmokk Wintermarket.

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