Contents of this issue:

1. Editorial
2. Special Hint: Conference Series on ‘Sustainable Oceans: Reconciling Economic Use and Protection’
3. Presentation of online survey of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik
4. Conference before the Nuuk Arctic Council Meeting in Stockholm on: The New Arctic: Building Cooperation in the Face of Emerging Challenges
5. Experiences from Cooperation in the European Arctic
6. Nordic Council of Ministers EU-seminar: "An Arctic Agenda"
7. Participation of the EU ARCTIC Forum in the Pan-Arctic Dialogue Program University of Bodø in March 2011
8. Arctic Conference opened by German Foreign Minister Westerwelle and Commissioner Damanaki in Berlin
9. The European Parliament Magazine had a special Issue on the Arctic
10. EU ARCTIC FORUM in the Barents-Saga
11. About us