Nina-Vivi Andersen  
Some say that the world is small, but the truth is, it is big and complicated when it comes to the laws, non-governmental organizations, politics, finance, the EU and the cooperation between countries. We’re eleven journalism students from Greenland who were on a study trip to Tromsø to meet people who know about fishery in the Arctic and to visit the Arctic Council Secretariat.

Ivik Kristiansen
The similarities between Greenland and Norway were there to see, even before our flight landed in Tromsø. Towns scattered along a similar coast, the mountains, and, of course, the snow. The climate was not all that different either, in terms of humidity (good) and temperature (bad). The obvious difference was the trees. That, however, was a big difference. In many ways Norway feels familiar, but yet so different that it feels alien.

Paarnaq Hansen
I was surprised how much we have in common with Norway (Tromsø). Our histories, fisheries, nature (except for the trees) have a lot in common – it’s like seeing how Greenland will look like in the future. It was a great feeling, knowing that we aren’t the only ones living in a difficult climate, trying to live from fishery. In Norway they are already drilling oil, and that’s what we want to accomplish in the future as well. So I look up to Norway and hope that someday in the future we in Greenland will be as successful.

Andrea Christiansen
Meeting with the Arctic Council employees was special. The way the communication chef represented the Council was great, understandable, and easy to discuss. We saw three horrifying movie clips about climate change that touched us because we live in the core of the worldwide change. The meeting expanded my point of view on how they are fighting climate change. Now, knowing how the arena for discussions takes the issues and brings them up is comforting. For me it’s a sign of hope – a hope that more of people will take action before it’s too late.

Ane-Marie Petersen
I can only say this is much better than just sitting in our home and reading about it. Now the experience is stuck in our heads. If we were just home and reading a text, it would eventually be forgotten. But because of the study trip, it will not be.

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