Get acquainted with Murmansk, Russia, while learning Russian.

Over the course of two weeks all of our students will experience the best of Russia, Murmansk in an incredibly varied day trip program. Students will have the opportunity to discover the most famous and vibrant places in Murmansk region. There will also be the chance to visit
some fascinating cultural sites! The aim of our cultural program is to provide a wide range of trips and visits to suit all tastes, ensuring that every student gets the most out of their time in this spectacular country.

Who may apply:

Students must be aged over 18 years

Application Deadline:

December 1, 2014

February 1, 2015


The all-inclusive fee for the two-week experience is NOK 1000.

This covers:

  • tuition;
  • accommodation;
  • meals;
  • course material and equipment;
  • trips and excursions;
  • cultural events;
  • transfer Kirkenes Murmansk Kirkenes

Travel arrangements:

Students are responsible for making the travel arrangements to reach Kirkenes, Norway. All students will be met in the Kirkenes Airport and accompanied on their journey to our Russian Winter School.

Coordinators contact details:

Anna Antokhina
Murmansk State Technical University
(8152) 23-31-12

Alexandra Burtseva
Murmansk State Humanities University
(8152) 21-39-37