Environmental Engineering Library & Contaminated Arctic Soils Databases, T.L. White, PhD

This 13-volume Environmental Engineering Library and licensed Contaminated Arctic Soils Databases provides civil and environmental engineers and geoscientists with the tools to carry out an in-depth examination of the behavior of LNALP, DNALP and metalloid contaminants in permafrost- affected terrain.

The Environmental Engineering Library details the physical, chemical, microbiological and hydrological properties of “Cryosols” (permafrost-affected soils). When equipped with the Contaminated Arctic Soils Databases, users have the resources required to assess Cryosol interaction with a wide range of organic and inorganic contaminants.

  • Physical, chemical, microbiological and hydrological properties of contaminated and uncontaminated soils in freezing ground and permafrost affected terrain
  • LNAPL and DNAPL and metalloid contaminant containment and remediation of northern airports, oil and gas sites, mining sites, military sites and landfills
  • Natural attenuation of contaminants in Cryosols
  • Environmental and Risk assessment of contaminated sites
  • Containment and remediation procedure

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