The call includes the two following overarching research strains:

  • get connected – addressing everything needed to establish, run and secure the communication, including the infrastructure and connectivity aspects, with key topics in network capacity, optics, satellite, mobility, security, scalability, robustness and energy efficiency;
  • while connected – tackles all aspects once communication is established, including requirements for end-to-end services and applications, with key topics in 5G, smart cities, digital enterprises, e-health, big data, internet of things and related horizontal themes.

Each project must involve at least two partners from two different EUREKA countries (one must be a EUREKA Member Country and one a EUREKA Member Country or a EUREKA Associated Country).

Consortia is open to any type of company covering the Celtic-Plus research areas, large industry as well as small companies or universities and research organisations. Companies outside the EUREKA countries may participate as well. Applicants must comply with national funding regulations.

The average budget for a Celtic-Plus consortium is between €1 million and €70m over two to three years.

This call is repeated two times a year.

For more information, visit the Celtic Plus web page.