These fellowships enable applicants from academia and the world of public policy, or mid-career professionals in the law, the military, government or international organisations to engage in research and writing, participate in seminars and collaborate with faculty and researchers. 

The following fellowships are available:

  • The social sciences or humanities international security fellowship, which enables fellows to focus on a variety of security topics;
  • Natural sciences or engineering international security fellowship, which enables fellows with backgrounds in the natural sciences and engineering to pursue research projects on the intersection of hard science, policy-making and international security, and to hone their science communication skills;
  • Cybersecurity and international security fellowship, which supports research on privacy, governmental restrictions, the future of the internet, the use of information technologies by organised crime groups and individual hackers or the effectiveness of cybersecurity protections implemented by different nations;
  • Law and international security fellowship, which supports lawyers, law students and social scientists wishing to conduct research projects at the intersection of law and international security;
  • The MacArthur Foundation nuclear security fellowship, which promotes training and policy-relevant scholarship in nuclear weapons policy in a changing global context, nuclear terrorism and transnational flows of materials and knowledge, and nuclear energyy and nonproliferation challenges;
  • The Stanton nuclear security fellowship, which aids engineers, scientists and social scientists in the development of the next generation of thought leaders in nuclear security by supporting research that will advance policy-relevant understanding of nuclear-related issues;
  • The William J Perry fellowship in international security, which enables fellows to conduct policy-relevant research and writing on international security and cooperation issues.

Fellowships include stipends, previously worth between US$25,000 and US$27,000 for predoctoral fellows and between US$48,000 and US$65,000 for postdoctoral fellows, over a nine to 11-month period. In addition, CISAC may provide personal medical coverage.

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