The plan is that lectures at the home institution of the student will be complemented with delivered online courses, not only bringing  the experience of different professionals and countries together into one pot, but also preparing the students for a common field course. Field course, to be delivered in Norway will give the student practical experience, before the writing of the final thesis. In addition, a model for international collaboration on master thesis supervision was planned.

It is a great example of real international collaboration within UArctic Thematic Networks. Small groups worked together on specific problems, from technical implementation, problem mapping, to content and structure of the degree. The challenge is to coordinate and time the courses in a way that fits each institutions structure, to find secure funding for the student and staff travel and balancing of interests and contributions of each partner. The constructive and positive atmosphere during the meeting provides hope for a very attractive shared degree in northern tourism that will contribute to the sustainable development of the whole Circumpolar North.