The third call is open for priority axes 3 and 4:

Priority Axis 3 – “Fostering Energy-Secure Communities through Promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency” with the specific objective to increase use of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in housing and public infrastructures in remote, sparsely populated areas.

Priority Axis 4 – “Protecting, promoting and developing cultural and natural heritage” with the specific objective to increase capacity of remote and sparsely populated communities for sustainable environmental management.


How to Apply Seminar

A How to Apply seminar will be arranged 20 October 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark. The seminar will offer technical sessions led by the Joint Secretariat and Managing Authority for applicants preparing for project proposals addressing primarily the 3rd Call for Applications. Please register no later than 4 October.

Preparatory Projects

Please note that a continuous call for preparatory projects is also currently open. You can find guidance about the purpose and minimum requirements for preparatory projects in chapter 1.6 of the Programme Manual.

More information

For more information, see the Third Call Announcement.

Visit also the programme web page.

Important note regarding 4th Call for main projects: Currently, the 4th Call is planned to run from January-April 2016 and is expected to be open for all priority axes. However, the NPA Monitoring Committee will decide on the exact dates and the focus of the call in December 2015.