The course is arranged by Lektorium of St. Petersburg and Tomsk State University, Russia, together with the University of the Arctic and INTERACT, based on book INTERACT Stories of Arctic Science. The course is edited by Terry V. Callaghan (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, The University of Sheffield & Tomsk State University) and Hannele Savela (University of Oulu) from the INTERACT network of Arctic research stations, and presented by Terry V. Callaghan.

No prior knowledge is needed for taking the course or for viewing the lectures; all that is required is natural curiosity and willingness to invest time in understanding these environmental issues of global concern.

The course material can be used either as a resource for education to gain a course certificate, or for viewing out of general interest.

The course starts on 15th October.

Read more about the course, and register to attend the course here.

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