The visit has been very fruitful. I had several meetings with colleagues from the University of the Faroe Islands as well as from the tourism representatives. Moreover I could take part to the Green Growth Dialogue, a workshop discussing the issues of climate change and green growth in the Arctic, focusing on the role of higher education in the transformation to the green economy.

This was also a good occasion to network with colleagues from Nordic and Arctic regions.

The mobility exchange undoubtedly increased my awareness on arctic issues and most of all there are good possibilities to start a future cooperation. A colleague from the University of the Faroe Islands is going to visit, within the North2north programme, our Institute, Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI), in 2016. The goal is to start cooperation and exchange activities also among students.

I heard about North2north through the International Office at the University of Lapland and indeed this is a great opportunity to build up connections and get to know other Arctic Universities that have similar research activities and programs.

This my first experience has proven to be very successful in terms of network, common research issues, sharing of information, knowledge and practices.

Indeed something to suggest to other researchers!

Daniela Tommasini, PhD
Senior Lecturer
Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI)
University of Lapland