This English-taught program is constituted of three compulsory courses which give insights into societies, politics and history of Russia and culture of the Russian North.

The Russian Studies course consists of 3 modules, 10 ECTS each:

  1. History: Soviet and Contemporary Russian History
  2. Culture: Culture of the Russian North
  3. Contemporary issues: Contemporary Russian politics

Northern (Arctic) Federal University is located in the North-West of Russia, in Arkhangelsk, the city which has a history of several centuries. The program includes excursions to the most picturesque sights of Arkhangelsk region such as open-air museum of northern wooden architecture Malye Korely, Lomonosovo Village – the place where multitalented Russian scientist and researcher of the North Mikhail Lomonosov was born. Exchange students will be able to feel the charm of the Russian winter and nature, experience the hospitality of Pomor people and take part in celebrations as Arctic Day, Russian Pane-cake week and many other exiting events. 

Studies consist of different forms of work: lectures, seminars, presentations, group or individual (research) projects, workshops and screening sessions.

Application deadline - 25 June 2015

Please don't hesitate to contact Alexandra Popova, e-mail  a.popova(at)