In 2015 students from Saint-Petersburg will visit Northern Norway (Alta and Tromso regions) and examine geological formations of Raipas Group (Kvenvik Greenstone, Storviknes Dolomite and Skoadduvarri Sandstone formations), ophiolites of Lyngen and complexes of Upper and Uppermost allochthons. The course duration will be ten days in June 2015.

Within the UArctic collaboration of SpBSU and UiT, and with support from SIU, in late June – early July 2015 a two-week field course will be held in Yakutia (north-eastern Siberia) for Norwegian students. Staying in a field camp they will study a deformed Paleozoic-Mesozoic rift and passive margin successions of the Siberia continent transformed by present-day Verkhoyansk Fold-Thrust belt. The students will learn how to identify different rock types and how to describe textures, compositional variations of rocks, and primary contacts between rocks - both conformal and unconformal. While working with sedimentary successions, the students will also be introduced to deformed rocks, for which they will learn how to describe and interpret deformational structures (e.g. fractures, cleavage, folds, brittle faults and shear zones). They will also be introduced to a number of recent geological processes like landslides, erosional processes, permafrost, as well as some basics of geomorphology.