This method provides the most reliable assessment of the gases exchange (CO2 and water vapor) between ecosystems and the atmosphere, which creates possibility of climate change forecasting in a particular region. 

Pavel Alekseychik presented during this visit the new global network for climate change research named PEEX (Pan-Eurasian Experiment). The network currently comprises 80 universities and 20 field stations from over 20 counties. Yugra University became a member of this network on the 5th PEEX Meeting in February 2015 in Helsinki, where YSU representative Elena Lapshina made a report on scientific research being conducted at Mukhrino station.

The main idea of the PEEX is creation of an open database available for any researcher studying climate change. Researchers are going to develop diverse action plans for both climate change and air quality impacts on society, energy resources and capital flow based on research results. It is also scheduled to organize different educational programs, summer schools and events aimed at popularization of the climatology.