The main Conference topics:

  1. The political system and institutions of public administration in the regions of the European North  (current public policy issues and problems of local government development);
  2. The European North in activity of the international integration unions: political and legal, economic and sociocultural aspects;
  3.  Strategic priorities and innovative mechanisms of social and economic development in the region;
  4. Historical aspects of political, economic and sociocultural management in the European North;
  5.  Legal system as the element of a sustainable development of the region; challenges of the constitutional state formation;
  6. Environmental problems of northern territories: condition analysis, forecasting and solutions;
  7. Socialization challenges and regional human development;
  8. Ethno-political and ethno-cultural aspects of sustainable development;
  9. Mechanisms of quality improvement in education, new educational strategy and technologies;
  10. Sustainable management of the forestry complex in Nordic countries; their appliance in the innovative development of Northern Regions;
  11. Creation of the qualitative infrastructure for investments as the factor of economic growth in the North and the economic crisis overwhelming.

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Contact person: Dmitriy Popov, Ivan Ignatov,  +7 (8212) 302780