The master's program in Arctic Social Sciences is part of the Cultural Anthropology program, and is distinct in its orientation toward contemporary issues of Arctic anthropology. Here, the term Arctic is understood broadly, and includes both the Far North and related areas such as Siberia.

The program is interdisciplinary in nature and is intended for students interested in social issues present in the Arctic, the Far North and Siberia. This interdisciplinary nature broadens students’ horizons and allows them to apply methods and procedures in their research that are often used in neighboring areas of the humanities, such as folkloristics, sociolinguistics and semiotics.

Graduates of the program will possess skills for conducting fieldwork in northern regions and independent anthropological research, as well as necessary knowledge of contemporary issues in cultural anthropology, northern studies and the adjacent areas of the humanities and social sciences, as well as methods of analysis specific to anthropology.

Most courses are conducted in Russian, so applicants must have an advanced level of Russian to be able to apply and study at the department.

More information can be found on the department's webpages. The application deadline is August 1, 2015.