Teaching staff of the Taimyr College, being constantly active at innovative and experimental activities, has been included into the regional program "Training of personnel that meets the requirements of high-tech Krasnoyarsk Territory industries, on the basis of the dual training."

A new form of education will allow achieving qualitative growth of personnel’s qualification and enhancing of the working trades prestige. It will give the formation of additional professional competencies in accordance with the employers’ requirements which will provide a high percentage of graduate employment and conditions of the professional development in the form of “WorldSkills Russia”.

In the frame of this project, Taimyr College held a regional competition on professional skill “ArcticSkills” for such professions as “electrician” and “welder” and a Championship on professions and specialties, where students demonstrated their willingness to start a professional activity.

In the current 2015 in the framework of the XI International scientific-practical conference "Profi - 2015", the first student forum "Young Arctic" took place in the College. It determined the direction of a breakthrough development, effective branding and positioning in Russia and the world:

“Workout Arctic” (Youth mass sports movement);

“ProLab Arctic” (Youth projects);

“Young leaders of the Arctic” (Youth Self-Government);

“PrimeTimeArctic” (Youth Media);

“Young entrepreneurs”;

“Young professionals”.

About these and other exciting activities please read more here in Russian.